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Urban Health is the brainchild of two brothers who began knocking-back glasses of the green stuff in order to fight illness, stress and fatigue. After 3 weeks of taking Wheatgrass, Lee and Phil Robertshaw binned their daily health supplements and became advocates for the hallowed wheatgrass.

Phil and Lee Robertshaw talking about wheatgrass

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Using their newfound energy and drive, the "Wheatgrass Boys", as Lee and Phil were known, began to spread the word among their friends and family. But that wasn't enough. Lee and Phil had discovered amazing benefits through drinking Wheatgrass and they wanted to share it with the world...


So, to cut an interestingly long story short: the Wheatgrass Boys teamed-up with a talking, Wheatgrass-loving cow called Colin, imported the finest Wheatgrass powder from a magical island and began selling it  online and in store . You can grab yourself a box from the shop - Colin's waiting to take your order.

So who is this Colin fella?

One summer's afternoon Colin was grazing with the cows and sleeping under trees when he got separated from the herd and ended up wandering the countryside alone. This is when he stumbled on a field of wheat grass and started munching. A few hours later he surprised himself by taking to two legs and hailing a cab. These days Colin holds down a top job in the city and works out in the gym 3 times a week.

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