Find out what Wheatgrass is really about

You’ve heard the rumors, but to find out what wheatgrass is really about, you need to take it raw.  Raw means that the wheatgrass is undamaged and hasn’t lost its benefits through overheating during production.  We achieve this with Bertha and Dave, two special machines that have been designed to work at low temperatures. 

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How we keep it Raw

Our Wheatgrass is organic, non-GMO and grown without herbicides or pesticides in fertile farmland, which is enriched with minerals

It is harvested at the point when it has the highest level of nutrients when the shoots are young and short

Bertha, the machine that dehydrates the Wheatgrass, has been designed to work below 24°C, which maintains its raw, wholefood and natural state

Nitrogen filled pharmaceutical grade bags, or "supersacks" as we like to call them, are used to lock in the goodness and reduce nutrient loss. The nutrient content remains unchanged during frozen storage

The Wheatgrass is only taken out of the humongous freezer when we come to package it. Although, before we do this, Dave, a low temperature grinder goes to work to create the fine green Wheatgrass powder

To ensure you receive the safest and most nutritious Wheatgrass possible, every batch is tested in-house and independently by clever Scientists in white lab coats

Finally, the Chlorophyll and nutrient-packed Wheatgrass is packaged into little sachets to limit light and oxidation - to keep nutrient levels maximised

Nutritional Analysis of Urban Wheatgrass

Where no RDI amount is listed, it is because we do not know of an RDI for that nutrient. Where there is an asterisk (*), that means the RDI of that nutrient is less than 1%. Amounts are based on a single 3.5 gram serving (1 sachet).

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What to take...

Wheatgrass won't make you superhuman overnight - it'll take a couple of weeks! The recommended dose for any human or urban cow is 1 sachets per day. After 2 weeks of taking wheatgrass every day you'll understand what its about.

...and when to take it

Mid-morning or mid-afternoon are great times to give your body a green power lift.