The acid test

If you haven’t tried wheatgrass yet you might have heard lots of discussion about the taste ranging from ‘it’s horrific’ to ‘I love it!’. It seems that wheatgrass tastes different to different people and few agree on the taste. Everyone does agree though that the taste improves with time. So what’s going on? The most likely explanation is that because wheatgrass is extremely alkaline it meets the more acid levels of the body and the sharp contrast results in a sharp unpleasant taste. So the extent of the perception of the taste depends how acid the body is. A very acid body will have a sharp contrast to wheatgrass and people have a whole spectrum in the level of acidity so they will report different tastes. Over time though, if wheatgrass is taken regularly the taste improves because the body becomes more alkaline and less acid, so there is less of a contrast. The bad news here is that the worse wheatgrass tastes, the more someone needs it! The bad taste is a sure sign that the person is over acid. But the good news is the taste will improve over time.

#acid #alkaline #wheatgrass #taste

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