Urban wheatgrass sachets

Have you heard the news about Wheatgrass?

Word on the street is that Wheatgrass is the most effective natural health supplement available and it was called the first multi-vitamin. Olympic athletes, Hollywood stars, busy professionals, entrepreneurs, university students... they all use this simple green powder, which is available in handy sachets from Urban Health, both online and in store.


Do you feel tired and run-down?

Do you have a problem

getting out of bed to go to work?

Do people call you "lazy bones" and throw paper at you?

For years, Wheatgrass has been giving Hippies the energy to move quickly and play the tambourine. But now it’s becoming popular with young working professionals, because they want to lead healthier, and more balanced lifestyles. “Work hard, play hard, chug wheatgrass” – that’s our motto!


What to do: Mix one sachet with water or juice once a day for a health drink that tastes great*

*if you happen to be a cow 

Why Urban Wheatgrass?

It's raw wholefood wheatgrass powder

It never gets heated above 24°C

It's 100% organic

The benefits are maintained by low temperature, gentle processing

It uses short stem, young leaves, which contain 4x the chlorophyll of tray grown

It's sealed in sachets, keeping the wheatgrass fresh and free from oxidisation

Urban Wheatgrass Sachets
Urban Wheatgrass Sachets

30x Urban Wheatgrass sachets will last you all month.

Wheatgrass Sachets
Wheatgrass Sachets

The wheatgrass is sealed in sachets keeping it fresh right up to the point of drinking.

Urban Wheatgrass Box
Urban Wheatgrass Box

Convenient grab to go sachets in the Urban Wheatgrass Box.

Urban Wheatgrass Sachets
Urban Wheatgrass Sachets

30x Urban Wheatgrass sachets will last you all month.


Make a date with health and grab some fresh Wheatgrass powder...

Wheatgrass glass

Buy a box of Wheatgrass sachets from our online shop, take a sachet a day and start to feel shed loads better. After the first box you'll be doing cartwheels on the way to work* and will discover a more fulfilling lifestyle.

Get your Wheatgrass powder now before that Hollywood lot buys it all.

*We accept no responsibility for you not being able to do cartwheels and subsequently embarrassing yourself